The Karunachala Process

This process opens your chakras with body work, ayurvedic herbs, gemstone medicine, art work, Mantra chanting Yoga and Meditation.

The soft but very deep process is leading you back to recognize the living divine source inside yourself. In seven days we travel through all chakras and dive deeply into our inner self. We'll work with creative instruments like singing, dancing and painting, with which we will experience the different aspects of each chakra and the meaning of colours.

DSC 1351A special vegetarian colour diet has a similar cleaning effect like fasting.

In group talkings we share our various experiences.

The process effects body mind and soul. Old patterns occure , will be changed and new dimensions open up. We experience holistically, and this not only with our intellect, but by heart energy.

Round about six hours daily we'll work together. The remainder of the day is time to relax, to enjoy the pool and nature and integrate what happened inside with
the process.

Kreative Schöpfungen der Seminarteilnehmer

All students will get a more intense and direct connection to their creative power and can build new dimensions in their lifes. During the course i am ready to coach you in personal sessions.

This process is for  everyone who wants to recognize him of her self better. Especially well applicable for Yoga teachers, healers, nurses, doctors, artists, and for everyone who works with human beings.

After completing the course, a diploma will be given for attenting the seminar in special deep chakra work and the five elements.

Im shanti mangala

Barbara Summerer

Yoga Master, Psychotherapist, Artist and Creator of the Karunachala process




Eindrücke aus dem Gayatri Home und seiner Umgebung. Viele Bilder von Barbara Summerer, Gästen und Seminarteilnehmern.

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Nur wenn Du Dich ganz fallen lässt, kannst Du ganz getragen sein.

Dass die Teilnahme an unserem Seminaraufenthalt in Südindien ganz tiefgehende und bleibende Eindrücke hinterlässt, davon erzählt dieser detailreiche und einfühlsam geschriebene Reisebericht von Rainer Simader.

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